Lingerlust: Journeying Within to Find Purpose and Meaning
12 Month Transformational Group Coaching Program

Awaken To Your Highest Potential And Step Into Your Most Meaningful, Fulfilled Life!
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For Those Who Are Ready to Seek Answers Within
Does any of this sound familiar?
Have you had a life changing experience that is changing how you look at the world?

Are you re-evaluating your beliefs about the world and your place in it?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection to the people in your life?

Are you searching for meaning and purpose?

Are you wondering how you can live your life in the best way possible?

Do you find yourself becoming more and more spiritually curious?

The Lingerlust Program is a group coaching program designed to guide you on a journey within, help you to gain perspective, embrace the wonder of your spirituality, and step into a life full of clarity and purpose.
Ready to Embrace a New Perspective?
Lingerlust will help you to:
  • Connect with your inner guidance!
  • ​Shift your perspective about the world and your potential in it!
  • ​Awaken your true self!
  • Create your most joyful, fulfilled life!
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Live Authentically Without Dramatically Changing How You Live
The Lingerlust program supports your journey with features including:

Live Coaching and Healing Calls

2 x monthly video calls for breakthroughs and the opportunity for personalized coaching. 

The Live Joy 8 Week Challenge 

An 8 week challenge to kickstart your journey to fulfillment.

Community Support 

You will also get access to the exclusive community group inside my private Live Joy Coaching App. The Lingerlust Lounge is a safe place where you can  explore, share breakthroughs and offer encouragement and support in a community of like-minded women on the same awakening journey.

Guided Meditations and Visualizations

Specifically designed to help anchor the teachings and concepts presented within the program. 

Fantastic Future Design Guide

An 8-Step Blueprint to get clear on what you really want and design a future that you love and brings you joy.

Live Joy Success Journal

A journal designed to help you tap into your deeper knowing  so that you can create awareness and wellness in your daily life. 

Intention Setting Guidebook and Worksheets 

An exercise to help you unlock the creative power of intention and align to your soul's purpose.

Accountability and Progress Tracking 

The accountability elements of this program provides the framework for a solid support system. In the Lingerlust program there is in App guidance to not only help you track your progress but also to help you to continue to feel motivated and creatively inspired throughout our time together. 

Discounted Access to Other Live Joy Programs 

Discounted pricing on spiritual healing consults as well as continued access to the Live Joy Community to deepen your learning and continue you on your path to joyful living.  

Live Joy App

Access the program content, meditations, guides, and soul alignment exercises, online, offline, anywhere, anytime, all in one easy to access place.
A Letter from Crystal Trevors

Your Live Joy Coach

They say that Spirit is always guiding us, sometimes with gentle nudges and sometimes with a more determined effort. My first true and undeniable spiritual experiences was waking up in the middle of the night to the words “Live Joy” ringing loudly in my ears. For days after I was shaken up, wondering what happened and what it all meant.  This caused me to take a long hard look at my life and really explore what it would mean to “Live Joy”. 

My quest to make sense of this and other spiritual experiences that followed led me to study over 100 Authors/ Books ranging from deeply spiritual texts such as “A Course in Miracles”, to those about the law of attraction, quantum physics and authors from Deepak Chopra and even Albert Einstein. 

I also became certified in various modalities of energy healing and became a Certified Transformational Life Coach. 

Through Live Joy Coaching, I have built a series of programs that incorporate all I have learned and wish I had known in order to assist my clients in understanding and embracing their profound inner knowing that they were meant for more.

My courses and coaching are unique in that they are tailored to meet the person where they are at with respect to their level of experience with spiritual teachings.   Working with me you will learn techniques for shifting your perspective about the world, integrating your learning into your life, and using your newfound knowledge to create a plan for your desired future.

As a professional coach and spiritual guide, it is my promise to you to share all that I have learned to set you on your own path to a purposeful, soul driven life.

If you are feeling stuck or feeling unfulfilled or that the Universe or God is nudging you to do more, I’d invite you to take the first step.

The opportunity to journey within is such a beautiful gift. One worth celebrating! If this is something you want to connect with on a deeper level, I would love to help.

With love and gratitude,
What Live Joy Clients Are Saying
Crystal’s deep listening heart, combined with her intuitive nature, and her ability to hold space, has helped me uncover my stagnant limiting beliefs and get to my truth.

Crystal serves, cares and questions in the upmost exquisite way to get to the core. With her guidance I am finally transforming to my full empowered self.
What stands out about working with Crystal as a Teacher, Healer and Coach- is her clarity and connection to the divine. She taps into a deep well of compassion as she works to find information, solve problems, and help you master your healing.

With her guidance and support, my ability to ground and trust myself has grown and I know I am finally on the right path.

The development of self-love and self-trust are two very impactful results achieved with Crystal and Live Joy Coaching. Crystal helped me conquer my fear of the ego and learn to accept and embrace it.

I consider myself a moderately evolved being, but her coaching sessions showed me that incredible results can be achieved in self-awareness and development if you’re willing to be vulnerable, open up and dive in.
Want to see for yourself?
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